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Our Property Investment Process

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Initial Meeting

We meet and find ways to collaborate in property, by learning from each other. We make our collaborative goals clear, and we set an investment goal for our project. 

Exchanging Documents

To start searching for the perfect investment deal, we will need you to provide us with your proof of funds and a signed non-disclosure agreement.

Investment Deal

We will find you a rare and lucrative property development opportunity. Along with the deal, we will provide a full appraisal, specification of finishes, and a project timetable.

Sign Joint Venture

This is the beginning of our collaboration. We will both sign a Joint Venture Agreement, which sets out the terms of our relationship going forward.

Purchase of Property

We will instruct solicitors on your behalf and manage the property purchase for you. We can further help get the most suitable finance, on your property purchase, through our contacts.


We use our experience and expertise; to interior design, manage and renovate the development, at a fixed budget. ​We add value and optimise the property to its full potential, giving the convenience and comfort, of having us develop your property hassle-free. 


Once the property has reached its full potential, we use our trusted agents, to market and sell the property at the highest price possible.


We will split the profits of the new property 50/50.

At this last stage, we have turned potential into success together.

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