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Our Mission

To unlock the full potential of every property through the power of collaboration.

About Us

Partnering with you, we uncover Central London's finest properties, transforming them into exceptional developments that generate lucrative returns on your investment.


Our belief in true partnership means sharing risks equally, aligning our interests to ensure that our gain is your gain.


Together, we embark on a journey where success is mutual and our collaboration leads to remarkable outcomes.

£85 Million

worth of property investment.

20% ROI

minimum return on investment.

36 Years

of property development experience.

Collaborating with our experienced team empowers you to leverage our knowledge and achieve significant strides in expanding your financial prosperity.

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Our Journey

The Collaborative London, founded by Abuthar and Jaffar Al-Saraj, carries on their father's legacy of over 30 years in the property business.


Abuthar Al-Saraj, with his BSc and years of experience in the family business, has been immersed in property development since 2003. Meanwhile, Jaffar Al-Saraj initially pursued a career in Law, becoming a qualified commercial property solicitor in 2009, before redirecting his focus towards property development alongside his brother.


Drawing from their own Central London property portfolio and the valuable lessons learned along their journey, the brothers have honed their expertise, excelling in the field of property development. Inspired by their experiences, they established The Collaborative London, a boutique property business that thrives on true partnership and collaboration.


Abuthar Al-Saraj encapsulates their philosophy, stating: "Through collaboration, humans have had the ability to share resources, knowledge, and intelligence, which has accelerated the march of human advancement exponentially."


With this guiding principle, The Collaborative London offers an exceptional opportunity to develop properties through the power of collaboration and collective growth.

Agents We Work With
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