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All About Us

The Collaborative London was set up by two brothers, Abuthar and Jaffar Al-Saraj. They followed in the footsteps of their father who worked in the property business for more than 30 years. 


Jaffar initially pursued a career in Law and became a qualified commercial property solicitor. In 2009, he decided to re-direct his focus to property development.  Abuthar worked in the family business where he gained first-hand experience of the property development world. He has now been working in property development since 2003. 

The brothers have since created their own Central London property portfolio. They have learned many lessons along the way, their experiences and expertise have made them excel at property development. 


They decided to create a boutique property business that offers the opportunity to develop property through true partnership and collaboration. 

"Through collaboration, humans have had the ability to share in resources, knowledge, and intelligence which has made the march of human advancement exponentially faster." - Abuthar Al-Saraj

The Collaborative London was built on this great notion. 

Our mission is:


To make every property reach its full potential through collaboration.