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5 way to add value to Prime Central London Property

Updated: Nov 23, 2021

At The Collaborative London, we are focused on developing Prime Central London properties. We add value through expert project management and innovative interior design, at each stage of the refurbishment process.

The Collaborative London prides itself on its impeccable service and design capabilities, which allow us to create homes that balance an elegant aesthetic, modern functionality and individuality.

Here are 5 ways in which The Collaborative London transforms properties and adds value.

1) Change the floorplan

Changing the layout of the property is one of the biggest transformations you can make, to create a more functional and desirable space. We do this in a number of different ways:

a) Where possible, we create open plan living spaces, by removing walls;

b) We add bathrooms to a property with too few bathrooms;

c) We add en-suite bathrooms.

2) Kitchen refurbishment

The Collaborative London project: Templar Court, St John's Wood
The Collaborative London project: Templar Court, St John's Wood

A new kitchen can add around 4-7% value to an average property, meaning it can be a real selling point. When refurbishing a kitchen, we always keep in mind, that our goal is to create a practical, yet luxurious kitchen area. For example, one way we do this - which is also often overlooked - is adding a bar area and bar stools to add more seating space.

3) Bathroom refurbishment

The Collaborative London project: Templar Court, St John's Wood

Refurbishing bathrooms is equally as important as kitchens. The buyer will value having a zen or spa-like bathroom. For example, installing a stone bath, in combination with book-matched marble tiles and luxurious fitting taps, give a sense of elegance. Furthermore, using large tiles creates a spacious and luxurious feel.

4) Joinery

Joinery is very important to any Prime Central London refurbishment. Here, in the small details, you can differentiate between, an average development and a luxury one. In luxury developments, having high-quality bespoke doors and wardrobes is critical. At The Collaborative London, we have all our custom doors and wardrobes manufactured in Italy. When we can, we opt to make the doors and wardrobes full height, to accentuate the height and grandeur of the property.

5) Furnishings

The Collaborative London project: Templar Court, St John's Wood

Through furnishings we can add the warmth and individuality into a property. Introducing soft fabrics, carpets, rugs and curtains to a property, will add lush textiles, creating a more engaging and homely space.

At The Collaborative London, we do all the above and a lot more to all the properties which we develop. We have built strong relationships with Italian manufacturers, to supply us with bespoke and high-end finishes, creating elegant homes, that retain a unique personality.

We aim to produce some of the most exceptional and innovative properties in the market, and turn dream homes into realities.

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